Permaculture Food & Energy Self-sufficiency Project


By using permaculture and regenerative methods together with green technology, it is possible to become self-sufficient with energy and food in many places around the world both in the north and south. It is the many new green technologies and new biological knowledge and cultivation methods that make it a realistic thought for many people around the world to become self-sufficient with energy and food in a small regenerative permaculture garden. (See report here)

In this report, it is the idea to describing how to make a pilot project that can work in the parts of the world where there is no access to electricity and heating networks. Obviously, it is a difficult and complex project with many elements that must function as a single unit.

Only by making a regenerative pilot project based on nature's biological circle, can it be possible to find the right solutions and the design that will work in different parts of the world. This pilot project will have to function within Natures Biological Cycle using only Green Technology and Positive Input Elements

The idea here is to make a pilot project that can be adapted and copied in developing countries, where there are many small farms where it is difficult to create a life basis and to be self-sufficient. It is the social entrepreneur's idea and approach that will be used to spread the permaculture self-sufficiency project to the many small farms and gardens in developing countries (See report here)