Biocomplete compost USD 1.50 per liter.
• Bio-complete compost extract USD 30 for 10 liters
• Biological soil samples are USD 150 each.
• Online consultations cost USD 150 per hour 
• Consultant visit is USD 150 per hour*

Pay in advance. Online consultations are $150/hour (Minimum of 1 hour) and is on zoom or skype and can be done globally. 
For new long-term clients, we have a yearly retainer of $2,500 to cover online training and consultation costs.

Onsite consultations rates are $150/hour or $1,000 for 1 day - $2,800 for 3 day - $4,500 for 5 days. One day is 7 working hours.
Prices do not include travel, hotel, and car rental. A lab assistant on site would be an extra 35% of the total fee, plus their travel and hotel costs.

Biological soil tests is $150 each. 10% discount can be given with big projects.
Long term clients with a 3–5-year contract is given a 25% discount on all soil testing and 10% discount on all products and equipment.