Permaculture Design Plan

Permaculture Design Plan
A permaculture design plan consists of several parts, all of which are very important to achieve the desired result. There is a logical order to follow where a part must be completed before the next part can be started.
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  • Your ideas and an analysis of the ideas. (adjustment of ideas and opportunities). 
  • Reviewing the project area.
  • Interview and presentation of project information schema.
  • Prospecting and project outline. (can it be made and how).
  • Flowplan for energy and biomass.
  • Measuring and final placement of items. (practical design work).
  • Implementation plan.
  • Finished permaculture design plan. (this can be done, and this is needed to do it).


PF offers to be a supervisor on the implementation of permaculture projects where we have made the permaculture design plan. We know the equipment and the machines to be used for the various tasks and can help rent it on normal terms with a local machine or machine rental.

We have contacts to obtain the seeds, plants, and animals most commonly used ina permaculture project. We always use local producers to find the right plants and animals.

Permaculture Flowplan

A permaculture flow plan is a plan for how "soil", plants, animals, energy, nutrients, and water move around, between the elements in your permaculture project. The flow plan is about finding the right order, or indeed the natural order of all the elements in your permaculture project.

Based on the flow plan, an implementation plan is made, that is showing which elements to start first and which should follow step by step. Stating elements in the right order to make natures biological cycle is very important. The implementation plan is a kind of blueprint or start-up plan for the whole permaculture project.

A flow plan can also be made for a property where there are already animals and plants. Flow plan may then be part of a plan to convert a property to permaculture and create natures biological cycle.

The price is agreed when there is clarity about the scope of the permaculture design plan.

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