Counseling and Project Visit
  • Counseling is given only for permaculture projects that "Permakultur Farmers" know and have visited.
  • Counseling can be holistic and for the entire permaculture project, or for just one element in a permaculture project.
  • Counseling can also be advice on starting up new elements in a permaculture project.
  • You can make an agreement on a permaculture consultant visits to your project.
  • The customer will decide whether there is a need for a consultant visit in connection with advice.

A special agreement is made in the case of large or complex projects.

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Guidance & Information

Guidance and information, happens when a new customer has a desire to find out whether they should make a permaculture project and how.

Guidance and information. is provided only for periods of 120 minutes and takes place on the internet on zoom, teams eller telefon.

Guidance and information, are for customers who do not have a permaculture project, and feel that they don't have the right information to decide if permaculture is the right solution for them.

Or to those where there is not enough information to read in the What is Permaculture? page and want to know more about permaculture and the opportunities it can give them.

The aim of guidance and information is always to find out what is the next correct step for the customer.

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