If you are ready to create and implement a biological soil fertility plan, or permaculture design, a collaboration with Leif Busk and Permaculture Farmers is the right place to start. Here are a few things you need to know first:

Building a food productive biological system on a farm takes 1 to 3 years, depending on the soil condition, and the results will vary. Customers should expect to work with Permaculture Farmers to solve problems that come through several growing seasons to establish the biological cycle of nature on your farm.

Commitment is needed to get results. Willingness to try different solutions, invest in regular tests, trials, cuts in the use of all chemical products and reduced mechanical treatment of the soil are all part of the transition to re-establishing the soil food web and nature's biological cycle in your farm.

We create a partnership with you so that we can perform tests, trials, inspections and solve problems on your farm by re-establishing the soil food web and nature's biological cycle.


Online consultations are $150/hour (Minimum of 1 hours) and is on zoom or telephone.
For new long-term clients, we have a yearly retainer of $2,500 to cover online training and consultation costs.
Onsite consultations rates are $150/hour or $1,000 for 1 day - $2,800 for 3 day - $4,500 for 5 days. One day is 7 working hours. Prices do not include travel, hotel, and car rental. A lab assistant on site would be an extra 35% of the total fee, plus their travel and hotel costs.
Biological soil tests is $150 each. 10% discount can be given with big projects.
Long term clients with a 3–5-year contract is given a 25% discount on all soil testing and 10% discount on all products and equipment.