Biocomplete compost means that it is a compost that contains the entire microbiological network that is necessary for the soil to be regenerated and function as a living soil.
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Our bio-complete compost products are always tested according to Soil Food Web's minimum requirements.

Minimum requirements for bio-complete compost, compost extract and tea:
• Bacterial biomass, 135 mq / g compost
• Mushrooms biomass, 135 mq / g compost
• S: B ratio, equal to or greater than 0.3: 1
• Protozoa, 10,000 / g compost
• Useful nematodes, 100 / g compost
• Cilliates, less than 5 / drop 1: 5 solution 

An agreement must always be made for the purchase of all biocomplete compost products. Sold only on order.  See prices