About Leif Busk

I have the Danish Farmer education, followed by Plant Breeding Technician and Agri-engineer specializing in biological circulation and green technologies. 

Since 1985, I have been working to get nature's biological cycle back to being the foundation of agriculture.

The first real project was in the Kalahari desert in Botswana and it quickly came to be about biogas, compost SOIL-PLANTS-ANIMALS. The Kalahari desert is very barren and the soil extremely poor, the answer was to build a biological cycle between Soil, Plants and Animals and that was fast working very well.

I called the system INTEGRATED FARMING, as the system did not have a name. At the time did not know of others who had tried to establish a biological cycle to cultivate agriculture.

Years later I encountered the permaculture movement, and found it was working with many of the same biological and regenerative ideas. I took permaculture PDC from Australia and PDC in regenerative management from USA.

I have for several years taught at Danish agricultural schools. Now I work with regenerative-biological agriculture and permaculture as a SOIL FOOD WEB CONSULTANT   and have my  BIOLOGICAL SOIL LABORATORY which works according to the SOIL FOOD WEB method. I do biological soil samples, which is a basic part of starting biological regenerative agriculture. I have a small production of biocomplete compost and is helping farmers to start a production of biocomplete compost on their farms.


Company Information
35 Years in the making


Our mission is to spread a food-productive copy of nature's biological cycle, based on nature's symbiotic relationship between SOIL, PLANTS and ANIMALS.
We use permaculture design and regenerative farming methods to re-establishment of the soil's microbiological food-net, to create regenerative farms and gardens helping people live a good life with good and healthy chemical free food.

Working with us, must always give our customers more than they expect